Worlds Prep in San Diego

The last couple years I have been totally cracked come January. The brutal Christmas block of racing in Northern Europe left me tired and broken trying to hold my deteriorating health together to World Championships.

This year is a different story. After a nice Christmas at home filled with family and cross country skiing I came into January motivated and ready for the build up to worlds. Victoria is normally a great place to ride but logging 700km weeks in the pouring rain with near freezing temperatures is a recipe for sickness. Time for a San Diego training camp, or Carlsbad to be more specific. The last 10 days of riding have been great and I haven’t been rained on once. Staying with my coach Elliot and Pro Triathlete Charisa which has made for fun times both on and off the bike. Highlights include doing cyclocross intervals on a motocross track. Mexican food. The legendary Swami’s group ride. Climbing Palomar. Descending Palomar. Riding bikes and getting tan lines in January.
Palomar California Road Climb

A few more days of sunshine then it is back to Victoria to organize my gear before heading to Ohio to race the cobwebs out of my legs at the Cincy Kings UCI race.

Want to read more? Check out a recent press release about my road to Worlds on Live to Play Sports.

One thought on “Worlds Prep in San Diego

  1. Hi Craig
    It is nice that you get some support for your upcoming Worlds with Mike and Sean.
    Good luck and kick ass!
    You never know if you’ll be back so ride like it is the last race of your life!
    I thought I would be a regular at the Worlds, it didn’t happen.
    ps Kyla is going for a tryout in Germany on Monday for a spot on a professional team, div 1.
    Your favourite uncle!!!
    Georgie Baby

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